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    *Line chart % based out of total NIKE, Inc. countries, factories, and workers respectively
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    Learn more about our contract manufacturing network and the countries where we do business.

    • The factories featured on this map are "above-the-line" NIKE, Inc. contract factories active as of February 2016. "Above-the-line" refers to all product manufacturing sites directly contracted by NIKE, Inc., licensees, or agents delivering finished goods ready for retail and/or public consumption and bear the NIKE, Inc. brand logos and marks. Excluded, for example, are material suppliers.
    • The NIKE, Inc. brands are filtered by: Nike (includes Jordan Brand and Nike Golf), Converse, and Hurley.
    • Migrant Workers: For the purposes of this disclosure, internal migration is the movement of workers within a country and foreign migration is the movement of workers from one country to another. The migrant worker figures reported are intended to represent the Foreign Migrant Workers in Nike's global contract supply chain. However, we are aware that in some countries with high levels of internal migration, the figures are a mix of internal and foreign migration. We are working to improve the accuracy of this data.
    • Contract factories provide the data based on a predefined profile. This profile is validated when audits are performed during the year and updated annually.
    • Contract factory worker totals include management and line workers. The line workers constitute direct labor. Female and migrant worker percentages are averages and based on the number of line workers.
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